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Come with us to Air Shows, Museums and Military Bases all over the World. Our trips to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries may offer opportunities to experience flights in unique and rare aircraft types at reasonable prices and often includes air to air photographic opportunities with other aircraft. Check out the trip reports on our website ( This non-profit making Society's purpose is to enable aviation enthusiasts to enjoy the large variety of aviation facilities and activities that exist around the world.

Every effort is made to ensure that the information displayed is accurate. Travel arrangements should not be made solely on the basis of information given here.

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Patron Air Commodore Graham Pitchfork,
MBE, BA, FRAes, RAF Retd.

Want to see, photograph or fly in exotic aircraft? We arrange aviation tours and holidays, visiting airports, aircraft museums, military aircraft establishments and air shows worldwide, with an emphasis on aviation photography. Membership of the Society is open to any aviation enthusiast from any country who wishes to join and support the aims of the Society. The Society's tours and visits are organised in co-operation with bonded travel agents, and designed to satisfy the aviation enthusiast's aspirations. The Society is generally able to achieve much more as a group than individuals could travelling on their own, and draws on a wealth of contacts throughout the world.

BAES Statistics -
In the last twenty years BAES groups have visited 57 different countries, including 31 US States, and 8 Canadian Provinces.
In the same period BAES members have had 1921 individual non-commercial flights in 255 different aircraft types. One member has flown in 125 types whilst on BAES tours.

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The Society's aim is to give members the opportunity to -
a) Visit aviation facilities worldwide (airports, airfields, air forces, museums and collections)
b) Introduce members to owners or operators of aircraft to enable them to experience flights in those aircraft (see Constitution)
c) Experience and photograph different types of aircraft
d) Record aircraft types and details for future reference
e) Photograph and record details of historic aviation buildings
f) Make lasting friendships
g) Arrange an annual aviation event where members can socialise
h) Keep members informed of proposed aviation visits
i) Provide an experienced tour escort on any arranged visits

Membership to the Society is open to any aviation enthusiast from any country who wishes to join and support the aims of the Society.


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FULL TOURS always have an English speaking guide who is also a Society Member, understands what members want to achieve, and has been fully briefed on the arrangements booked.

MEMBERS' SMALL GROUP TRIPS(those with stars) are a co-operative venture by those going along, with one member taking the lead. Small group trips are normally dependent on at least one member volunteering to be a driver when a hire car is required. A planned route and proposed itinerary are provided, along with transport and accommodation arrangements.

If you are interested in any of the listed tours or trips, have any questions or need information regarding tours please do not hesitate to contact BAES where we will do our utmost to assist you. Tel:0044(0)2392 598000

For those of you who might wonder if members really have a good time with our tours here are some comments from the members.


Madras Tour 2022
Andrew Gribble -
I really enjoyed an excellent tour everything was of the standard we expect from BAES.
Clive Collins -
The trip was very good however, the transport could have been better.
Peter Davis -
A very good tour with good company as is expected. The tour could not have been better even with the few unexpected changes to the itinerary whilst on the road so just keep up the good work.
Mike Green -
Two airshows and seven excellent museums and collections. Plenty of opportunities to go flying - I managed 17 flights! The highlight was attending Bud Granley's last formal aerobatic display and the guard of honour we formed; it was also good to see Brad Pilgrim again. There are so many good and usually utterly modest people in the aircraft preservation business and it is always a privilage to be with them and fly with them. Particular thanks to Alan for organisingthe trip and flying opportunities, Graham and Alan for driving and George for his part of the tour organisation I am grateful to you all. Now, about next Time.....?

Reunion 2022
Arnold Garside -
A very good weekend as usual in excellent accommodation. Many thanks for arranging the RAF Museum Workshops visit.
Mike Green -
An excellent trip with a good mix of flying, airshow and museums, something for everyone. As usual Alan's liaison and rapport with the aircraft operators meant there were additional flying opportunities during the trip. Many thanks to George for his hotel arrangements.


AAA and Stearman Fly-ins 2019
Clive Collins -
The Hotel accommodation was good. A very good trip with Dean that got us into some excellent places well worth it. Old Timers Flyin was also excellent and a good trip, the vehicle good. the quality of the 2 hotels was good. 2 very good trips.
Mike Green -
Full marks for a varied and interesting tour as usual. Great value. For sheer quality, the AAA Fly-in at Blakesburg did not disappoint. Thanks to George for arranging my itinerary after leaving the group.
Barry Reed -
Very Good trip, expectations were met with the guide doing a good job of adapting to plan changes. The van was not very comfortable on poor roads. Could have been improved by staying longer at the Stearman Fly-in.

Old Timer Fly-in 2019
John Sheraton -
A really good trip in a comfortable vehicle and very good drive. I recommend BAES to others as a very good group to travel with.
Dave Ross -
a very good combination of flying and museums and is worth doing again with all three days at the fly-in. Some of the accommodation was not up to the usual standard.

Clive Collins -
Excellent trip with an impromptu visit to a museum in Paris. Disappointed with Le Bourget yet again!
Arnold Garside -
Offerred a good combination of friendly location with excellent aircraft. Terry was very good as the guide.
Simon Spencer -
Like the reunion an most enjoyable trip, except the disappointment of Le Bouget not being fully open yet.

Switzerland/Germany/Austria Reunion 2019
Peter Hall -
Very good trip and great value for money as always. Alan (guide) was his usual excellent self
Paul Chapman -
Excellent trip with a wide range of museums and flying opportunities.There was ample time at each museum and Alan was knowledgeable as always.The tour passed in a flashwith like minded people an enjoyable way to spend 9 days.
Simon Spencer -
A most enjoyable trip.
Arnold Garside -
Great mix of aviation and tourism exceeded by the Zeppelin flight and the flying at Altenrhein.


Mike Green -
Another good trip, as usual. Saw everything we were meant to see; plenty of photo opportunities; good companions. And, after several trips with Alan, it was a welcome change to be offered lunch breaks! Ashamed to say (as a born-again flyer) that the best bit of the trip was probably the boat trip from Whittier.
The only disappointment was the lack of flying opportunities, especially given the reputation of Alaska in general and Lake Hood in particular to be the floatplane capital of the world.

BAES B17 USA 2018
Arnold Garside -
The trip was very "flexible" throughout with changes to the itinerary working great; the trip exceeded my expectations in so many ways.We packed in more activities and visits than I could have hoped for.
Alan Tarrant -
As this was my first BAES trip I did not know what to expect - I Was impressed with the itinerary but was concerned times spent at each venue would be restricter - however this was not the case, I never felt rushed.
I thought as a "newcomer" not knowing anyone could be problematic - I need not have worried the other members were friendly and welcoming and I soon felt part of the the group.
I would definitely go on another trip - unfortunately I would have done the Texas trip however I am already committed to something else.

BAES Reunion 2018
Andy Gribble -
Just to say a big Thank You to you both for organising the recent Reunion in Tonbridge a great weekend with you guys! I enjoyed it immensely and am already looking forward to the next one! Till the next time we meet!
Dave Woodall -
A very good weekend, the proposal for the 2019 reunion is excellent and will be supported by me.
Pete Williams -
A very good weekend, value for money.
Michael Green -
Good to meet up with everyone for a very good weekend.

Yuma USA 2018
Graham Spiller -
Excellent trip all round.
John Sheraton -
A small friendly Group on a very good trip that could not have been improved.


NW USA 2017
Mike Green -
If going flying is your thing, then this tour could not have been bettered; I flew in 10 different types new to me, 16 flights altogether WOW! Alan Key is the man who makes flights happen!
Mark Salter -
The trip definitely met the very high standards of previous BAES flying trips. As always, Alan went out of his way to make sure everyone had a great time. The tour provided everything I was hoping for.
Pete Davis -
A great group, venues and guide for this excellent trip. Lots of extras as usual Great value for money that couldn't be improved on.
Barry Scott -
This Trip really felt like a holiday with old friends achieving more than we could reasonably have expected to, mainly due to Alan's skill in liaising with the owner/operators of the aircraft that we hoped to fly in. In terms of perceived value, I was delighted with the content and atmosphere of the trip and that is priceless.
Terry Swait -
Excellent value for money trip. I will recommend BAES to my friends.

Washington and Warbirds 2017
John Sheraton -
An excellent airshow and superb museums, Paul did an excellent job of driving and much of the tour itinerary. I will recommend BAES to my friends.

France Reunion 2017
Arnold Garside -
We sure covered a lot of miles and visited lots of museums. Well done getting access to museums not usually open.
Ray Draper -
I could not have set up theses visits on my own, an excellent trip.
Barry Scott -
A good opportunity to visit museums I may not have otherwise been to, a shame two were closed (bank holiday).
Simon Spencer -
Covered a lot of miles and saw most venues, bit expensive but a long trip with a lot of distance.
Mark Salter -
Visited some good museums and good to meet up with old friends.Cost was reasonable especially as it was half board with an included drink!
Clive Collins -
Around 580 aircraft photographed so exceeded my expectations. usual banter and good humour all round.
Peter Townsend -
Could not have asked for anything more in the trip content.


Sweden and Austrian Airshows 2016
Terry Swait -
Excellent trip, great and value for money.

Italy Reunion 2016
Mark Salters -
A great tour including some fascinating museums, some of which I did not know about, as well as a chance to do some sightseeing; as always we got even more than was advertised , and the trip to San Marino was an excellent addition to the itinerary. It was also great to meet up with some familiar faces from previous trips. Maybe a little more time could have been spent at the Italian Airforce Museum.
Dave Smith -
A great weekend as usual thanks to Alan and George.
Ray Draper -
Excellent trip despite some exhibits missing. Great to have seen so much of Italy not previously visited.
Dave Woodall -
We completed a lot in the 10 days I participated in the tour, including items i.e. Anzio that were not in the itinerary. The mix between aviation content and general tourism was exactly what I wanted.
Geoff Monohan -
Tour excellent as I could not have asked for better arrangements. the guides were all good and great value for money. The issue of bicycles would improve the trip (Ha! HA!).

Texas 2016
Barry Scott -
Travelling within a group opens up possibilities not necessarily available to individuals. We achieved all that was expected plus thanks to Alan an exceptional afternoon flying in the Mi14 Hinds. Would definitely recommend BAES to others.
Terry Swait -
Alan was above and beyond my expectations and I can not wait until my next trip Great value for money and would recommend BAES to others.
Mark Salter -
As always another great trip, it delivered everything as advertised and more. Once again Alan managed to arrange some unique flying opportunities and the chance for some air to air photography. Considering everything was included the price was very reasonable.


EUSA 2015
Terry Allen -
A very good trip which I believe everyone got something out of it. Thanks to Alan, Graham and Sandy.

Tiger Meet 2015
Colin Spooner -
This, my first BAES trip, was very well organized, extremely enjoyable and in good company.

Reunion - King's Lynn
Ray Draper -
Excellent weekend, the trip managed to combine visits to a lot of places I had long wished to see; the Lanc ride was the icing on another tasty cake and we got lunch!.
Colin Burgess -
This is to say thanks to you for arranging such a great Reunion. Everything went really well and a great time was had….. Kath really enjoyed herself and is definitely coming to Italy next year!
Keith Fairbrass -
I was very satisfied with all arrangements for Reunion - it was a busy and interesting weekend, comfortable Hotel and above all an opportunity to catch up with old friends and fellow enthusiasts, so thank you all for organising and carrying out the programme.


Keith Fairbrass -
Good variety of venues visited,meeting my expectations. This trip was great value for money could nay be improved by more time at dinner for dessert (group joke).
Sandy Mc Caskie -
The content was generally good, the only issue was the number of base visits that didn’t get approval - through no fault of BAES. I hadn’t expected many of the base visits to go ahead, so this didn’t affect expectations.
Could perhaps have done with more time in Phoenix area where days were a little rushed, with maybe a little less in Dallas where at times things were a little slack.

Sandy Mc Caskie -
The extended reunion trip allowed amore to be done at an easier pace than the usual reunion weekend, another excellent trip.
Ray Draper -
The aviation/non aviation balance was fine for me, an excellent trip.
Simon Spencer -
First class and comfortable, difficult to improve on the tour content.
Robert Lundie -
Excellent trip with good guides that certainly met my expectations.
David Woodall -
Tour itinerary to a very high standard throughout, the whole tour was enjoyable and difficult to improve on.
Arnold Garside -
Expectations exceeded with a much improved ILA, lots of room on the coach and very good sight seeing tour of Berlin with the stop at Templehof airport very good.
Terry Swait -
First class trip with great aircraft, thanks to Alan and George.


Bob Ruffle -
Was initially surprised to find the trip going with only five members. The guide did as well as he could and we had a good trip although the transport arrangements could have been better.

Geoff Monahan -
Very good tour meeting all my expectations (not bad for an 80 year old). It could not have been improved except for tea making facilities in the Moscow hotel!
Ken Duffey -
Great content, great food, great company, fully up to expectations – and exceeded in some cases, Alans bare legs were frightening! We should plan to go to MAKS earlier – on ‘trade’ days rather than the Friday.
Terry Swait -
A very good trip with excellent content meeting all my expectations.

Oshkosh and Dayton
Sandy McCaskie -
High standard as usual Dean did us proud with some very interesting visits organised - we were well looked after by Dean and his friends. As usual I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, thanks to all involved for organising another great trip.
Clive Collins -
An other excellent trip. A big thanks you to Dean and all who planned the trip.

Stuart Greer -
A good trip especially after the late organisation, with a couple of disappointments out of BAES's control.

Austria, Macedonia & Croatia
Terry Allen -
Excellent trip overall except the bed, it was the narrowest one I had ever slept in! It was a well organised trip with a friendly group.
Graham Spicer -
As good as I had hoped for; Alan did his best to ensure we had a great social calendar also. Unfortunately we need more hours in the day!.

Simon Spencer -
Thank you so much for organising such a good and enjoyable week end at Yeovilton. Really good and hope the Sea Fury chase can go ahead sometime soon.


David Allen -
Heard about this from a friend so it was my first BAES trip. Well planned and executed, with appreciated adaptability due to the late changing circumstances, 4 days of wall to wall aviation, meals and sleep an excellent trip.
Bob Ruffle -
The trip was better than anticipated, Alan was amazingly mellow (in his old age!).
Pete Davison -
Good value for money thanks to an amazing event. The opportunity to be south side for the flying would be good.
David Myers -
For my first BAES trip it was amazing, expectations more than met. Tour guide (Alan) was enthusiastic, informative and superb. The experience of a lifetime. I will be recommending BAES to others. A great trip well done and thank you.

Jim Proops -
Very good trip but too short, extra day in Denmark and Copenhagen would have been appreciated. Specially enjoyed underground museum in Copenhagen. Thanks to Pete Langsdale for his efforts throughout.

Richard Ness -
Too many miles for very few planes. The air show content was poor, thankfully the press pass made the event better but the in my opinion its not worth visiting.

Steve Simms -
The trip more than met my expectations - I flew in more aircraft than I expected to. I particularly enjoyed the private visits we had.
Mike Green -
My fourth trip to Olympic in five years. There's a problem, there is no category higher than Excellent, you keep pulling gems out of the hat!
Colin Burgess -
Expectations were exceeded by quite a margin, museums and aircraft were fantastic. Alan's dedication and tireless efforts made the trip the outstanding success it was.
Arnold Garside -
Excellent variety of locations, sights, tourism, aircraft and Flying!
Barry Scott -
Probably the best flying trip to date, this is going to be a hard act to follow, Alan’s organisational skills and patience never fail to impress!
Garry LeSueur -
Still can't quite believe what you were able to deliver on the flying front during the above tour, Alan! It was a quite extraordinary trip. Many thanks.
Nick Nicholson -
Thank you for a fantastic trip which I enjoyed immensely. Could not believe how smoothly everything went with such a demanding itinerary. I flew in 16 new types something of a record for me on a single trip and such amazing ones. Once again a big thank you to you and Deryn.
Mark Salter -
It was one of the best trips ever for flying, both for quality and quantity and a real bonus to get so many opportunities for air to air photography. I know that you and Deryn put in a great deal of work to organise everything and to make it run so smoothly, it was very much appreciated. Thank you for a really fantastic trip.

New Zealand
Geoff Monahan -
The Spitfire flight alone made what was an excellent trip a magic one. George and Barbara could not have made the trip a more enjoyable and value for money trip. Thanks for the excellent planning. MAGIC.


Sandy McCaskie -
Thoroughly enjoyed the trip, Thunder Over Michigan a VG show, Oshkosh plenty to see, Richard was a good guide who helped contribute to a very enjoyable trip.
Clive Collins -
Very Good trip meeting my expectations and good VFM.

Mike Green -
Another excellent trip to Washington State, flying opportunities nearly every day with yet more new types. I've flown in both Detroiters at Port Townsend, what could be better - the Fairchild 71- you've got to try them for yourself. Looking forward to flying in John Sessions other aircraft next year!

Stephen Williams -
Good trip although a bit expensive for Europe it was still value for money. More time in Ankara and Istanbul would have been appreciated.

Dave Woodall -
All advertised items where covered plus visits to 2 addition museums. Regarding ways of improving the tour the only 2 things I could think of are, making it cooler in Ezmir (it was really hot) and preventing the sun moving to the far side of the runway in the afternoon of the air show (we were trying to photograph into the sun) but I think both these are likely to be outside the remit of the committee!

Ray Draper -
My first attendance at the reunion, what an excellent weekend good value and we had access to areas not normally open to the public. I will recommend BAES to my friends.
Pete Langsdale -
Excellent weekend and great value for money.
Dave Potter -
An excellent balanced trip meeting all my expectations - should have been longer.

Pensacola & USN 100
Jim Proops -
Very good trip, better breakfasts would be appreciated.
Ed Mason -
Good trip but was disappointed the two advertised base visits were cancelled.

Arnold Garside -
Overall, despite some disappointments, I'd say that the Sun 'n' Fun Trip was typically BAES, i.e. not everything went to plan but other (and perhaps better) opportunities turned up to make up for those lost for whatever reason.
Paul Hodges -
Excellent trip with good value for money.
Barry Scott -
Being that I was only doing part of the trip it was much to my liking.
Mark Salter -
A great mix of flying, museums and airshows. I flew in nearly all the aircraft I had expected to plus some additional ones so I was very happy. The price of the tour was very reasonable.

Pete Townsend -
Another excellent trip, I cannot think of anyway to improve the BAES trip to Australia unless Alan finds more people to fly with. With everyone Alan knows in OZ you cannot ask for better arrangements and content. Only one suggestion comes to mind, we need some sort of drug to slow Alan down, his energy holds no bounds and I feel drained as he goes searching for his contacts/flights. His commitment to the group makes the trip so much more enjoyable.

Geoff Monahan -
Thanks for another well organised trip, the work is appreciated. I managed 9 new types!.


Ken Duffey -
Thanks to all - for the great companionship on the trip - and to Alan & George for organising it. Special thanks to Paul for his perseverance at the Shanghai Aviation Enthusiasts Centre - if it hadn't been for his insistence on seeing someone 'in authority', we wouldn't have got in.... I must say that the China trip was the best I have ever been on - the company was great (we all got on famously), the food was awesome, the sights were terrific (climbed the Great Wall and got the tee shirt), the people were ultra friendly and the museums and airshow were superb.
Arnold Garside -
Good mix of aviation and tourism, local drivers and guides excellent. China has to be seen to be believed. Great trip.

New York State and CWH
John Sheraton -
Very good trip even though some aircraft at CWH not available and base visits cancelled both out of BAES control. Using a car made for better flexibility. Alan was an extremely knowledgeable guide. Will recommend BAES to other enthusiasts.

Dave Bowers -
A very good weekend with a pleasant leader and group of chaps. Special thanks to Peter Langsdale for his assistance.

Paul Chapman -
Very good trip well organised with excellent accommodation. More short duration trips like this are welcome to members who have limited leave availability.

Terry Allen -
Although an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable tour, a full day watching the arrivals would have made it perfect. Very friendly group of people at one of the best airshows ever, I will be recommending it to all my friends. My thanks to all for making this tour happen.
Roger Bartley -
many thanks for organising an great weekend to a brilliant airshow. As usual a well organised trip.
Reg Warren -
good weekend airshow trip well led by Graham, good idea to leave the show early on Sunday to beat the crowds after a full day on Saturday.
Graham Spicer -
Much better than hoped for trip, content, price and company excellent. Could only be bettered by cheap beer!
Dave Bowers -
Good tour content with excellent hotels well positioned. Could do with more time on arrivals day and not leaving early on Sunday.

Lee Marsh -
Very well organised trip, Haxhi and John could not have been better. I would recommend BAES to others as good value for money.
Jason French -
Good value trip well led, a very good trip. Will go with BAES again and recommend them.
Stuart Greer -
Excellent good value trip meeting my expectations, with an excellent tour guide. Will recommend BAES tours to my friends.
Unnamed -
Many thanks for a fantastic trip, it was a real pleasure. Good value trip, it was everything that was expected. We did not get into the cavern at Kucove which was a shame but it was a military trip and we were in their hands.

Arnold Garside -
Good Value for Money although expectations not met due to the airshow cancellations however still a good tour thanks to Alan changing the tour content at short notice.
Reg Warren -
Very good trip even though the airshows were cancelled after booking.

Ray Draper -
Very good tour, pity no base visits but I understand why not,. Few problems with hotels but sorted out by Paul. I appreciated the ease with which my trip was organised by yourselves thank you.
Ed Mason -
Very good trip would have liked some base visits but out of your hands. Good accommodation and transportation. Good value trip.
Ken Otani -
Thank you very much for BAES doing me such a great favour for Chino and California Tour.
Werner Banninger -
Chino was a good BAES trip with an excellent guide in Paul Hodges. Good VFM and well recommended to other enthusiasts.

Geordie Nairn -
Just a line or two to say thanks for a great weekend during the recent BAES reunion. The hard work that went into organising it was much appreciated. All the best.
Peter Hall -
I would just like to say a very big thankyou for a quite superb weekend in Germany. I had a great time. All the visits were very good and intresting. The hotel was top quality and with excellent food.
Colin Burgess -
Just a quick note to say any, many thanks to you and Deryn for a great Reunion. The museums were excellent, the bus drivers, real characters and the banter was great.

Sun n Fun
Clive Collins -
On the whole I was satisfied with the way it went, my only negative comment would be about....the wasted day travelling all the way across to Jacksonville for nothing. With regards to Terry's running of the trip it could not have been better...

Paul R -
Very good trip achieving what was advertised and more. Escort catered for needs of photographers and spotters well. Will recommend BAES to others. Well done Alan good trip.
Stephen Brennan -
A good trip with the day touring Casablanca and Rabat. Only two days are needed at the show. Good quality trip value for money.
Peter Davison -
A good trip although could have been better if permissions from the Chief of Staff had been arranged to see aircraft in the base (and other bases). Would have been good to be there for the opening day.
Roy Crew -
Thanks also for the trip organisation, it was all I had hoped for.....Good variety of aircraft, loads of sunshine and a little bit of sightseeing.
Dave Bowers -
Very Good Tour, base tours would be good for another time. Well done Alan and Paul, I enjoyed every minute.

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